Welcome to my new blog. I decided it was time to start this blog and dedicate it to Stampin Up. If you are new and just stopping by I have another blog you may want to visit. It's My Cricut Closet. While I will be dedicating that site to my Cricut and other crafts... I still have lots of Stampin Up projects over there. I hope to bring over a gallery soon. Until then you can click on this link to visit me there. Enjoy!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hello!!! How I started My Cricut Closet & Welcome to My Stampin Closet!

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Welcome! I have created this new blog to separate My Cricut Closet and and my Stampin Up. I otiginally started My Cricut Closet in November 2010. When I moved into the house I now live in there was a small closet upstairs. Well... Not really small for a closet. But it was unfinished, had no lighting and did not seem to be useful to me. I used it to store ally crafting supplies in because I had no other place to put them.

At some point I wanted to work on some things so I set a table up. Well... One thing led to another and eventually I had my own mimi craft room going. It still had very poor lighting and the walls wer still unfinished. In September of 2010 my husband threw up some more drywall sheets where needed... Then added a light... Which led him to put in some new outlets. Before I knew it... That little closet became known as "my cricut closet" to my family. At the time I mainly used my Cricut and hadn't stamped in quite a while.

Here's a pic of what it looked like then. My walls are still not "finished". It's just bare drywall that has not been painted... or even mudded (lol... is that a word?) So I don't have a pic of it right now. It's changed.... ALOT!!!
Hopefully I can get some new pics of it now. I don't have ANY of these big items anymore. Only the ribbon rack remains... and of course the totes. OBVIOUSLY I still have my Cricut. BUT... that one is in the other closet as I have an Imagine and E2 now. The wire racks on the left side are also in the other closet now. LOL... I have a closet for my Closet. :)

Between September and November I somehow stumbled upon some blogs. It was addicting. Pretty soon I decided to start sharing my own work and created a blog of my own. My Cricut Closet was the obvious choice for a name.

In September 2011 I rejoined Stampin Up as an Independent Demonstrator. I had been a demo previously and have always had a love for their products. I've been adding my SU projects to My Cricut Closet and decided it was time to separate the two. So... Here it is. My own site for my Stampin Up. I thought it was only fitting to call my site "My Stampin Closet" since I am still working out of my little closet.

Here you will find me sharing my projects, tutorials, info about upcoming events and my love for Stampin Up. If you like what you see I would love for you to "follow me" and also subscribe via email. Please leave a comment as well. I love getting feedback.

I was going to mention some of my favorite SU items, such as... The Big Shot & our awesome dies and embossing folders... SU punches and all the cool things you can do with them... My Digital Studio, SU's awesome digital program... Our great selection of stamps... The SU colors... Accessories.... And, I realized... I was listing pretty much EVERYTHING! Lol! I can't help it. I love ALL Stampin Up's products. So I'll be sharing a little of everything.

Please bare with me as I get the site set up. I'll be posting pictures and links of projects I've already done that are on my other blog. Of course I'll be adding new things as well.

I hope you enjoy!
Happy Stampin!

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