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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

$99 to get started? Really???

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Wow! Stampin' Up! keeps making things easier and easier. Can you believe you can get started with Stampin' Up! for only $99? It's true! Not only has the price been lowered to make it more affordable... they've also made the kit fully customize-able. That means... YOU get to pick the products that come in it.

This is especially great for those of you who already have Stampin' Up! products, you can get the products you want. You get a total of $125 worth of product and $65 worth of  business supplies. You can choose the basic business supplies or the digital supplies if you plan on going digital. You are getting $195 worth of supplies for only $99... that's great!

So maybe you are just getting started with Stampin' Up!. Don't know what to get? You can always contact me and I'd love to help you customize your kit. Also... Stampin' Up! has that covered as well. They have a section of "suggested items". This will help you build your kit with popular items. 

So what kind of demonstrator do you want to be??? 
You can choose!

Discount Demonstrator:
You like the idea of buying stamps and supplies for your personal use at a 20 percent discount and occasionally selling to neighbors, relatives, friends, etc. 

Seasonal Demonstrator:
You work hard for a short period of time or season to earn a specific amount of money or to achieve a specific goal, and then you maintain minimum orders and sales during the balance of the year.

Hobby Demonstrator:
You love doing workshops and earning extra money when it is convenient. You work a lot some months and very little other months. You will do workshops if they are easy to book, and maybe have a regular group that meets together once a month. You enjoy the rewards that being a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator brings, but you don’t plan to make Stampin’ Up! a career.

Career Demonstrator:
You view Stampin’ Up! as a viable business with long-term career potential. You pursue a management role, and you want to continue moving up with your Stampin’ Up! career. You love attending Stampin’ Up! events and have close relationships with other demonstrators. You work at your business in a consistent and outgoing manner. 

As you can see, this is a fun, flexible business you can build to suit your individual needs and goals.

Click the link above and then click on the JOIN NOW button to the left to get started today!

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