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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Headers and Signature Lines In My Digital Studio

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Ok... So as you know I've been playing with My Digital Studio a lot lately. I was working on a new blog header. Only problem... I don't know how to change the size so that it will go across the entire header. It takes up maybe 1/3 the space. Do I have any techy people out there that have a blogger blog and know what the size is? I know HOW to change the size. Just don't know what size I need to change it to.

The very top one is the one I made for my blog header. Kinda simple. Then I made matching signature lines. The one above is for email and the one below is my signature line for my posts. So... what do you think?


  1. I love the header and signatres you have made!!!
    I wish I knew how to use my MDS!!!! I did a little siggy one time, but, forgot how I did it.
    Nice job!
    SherryBee in AZ

  2. Thanks Sherry. I still get intimidated but I just jump in and play around. I'm hoping to make a tutorial on it soon. It's an awesome program.