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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Digital Studio Weekly Downloads

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Wow! I really like the new My Digital Studio Downloads today. Especially Soft Blooms. Those flowers are gorgeous. And I really like the File It Fun Kit. I can so see some projects using these. And of course... we have two favorite stamp sets that you can now use in MDS... Button Buddies and Curvy Verses. Add to that a 26-page photobook template and we have ourselves some really great downloads this week. It's going to be hard not getting them all right now. I've got lots of ideas already for some hybrid cards and scrapbook layouts.

One of the things that I didn't like about digital scrapbooking is that it took out all the hands on crafting. But I didn't realize that it doesn't have to. I am having a blast creating things on MDS and then printing them out and adding embellishments. Who says that just because you create in MDS that you can't add to it? Print out a card  that is smaller than our standard A2 size card. Layer it on... then add rhinestones... ribbon... buttons (thinking about Button Buddies:). There are just endless possibilities with MDS.

If you look at the card template for Button Buddies you'll see a great example of that. With a stamp... you are limited to that size. You could maybe use a brayer to mirror the image but with MDS you can quickly duplicate and you can resize an image. In the template you'll see that they took the pumpkin and made four. Normally they would all be the same size... but with MDS you can make them bigger and smaller. Take the cute pig. You can make a momma, a daddy and a baby pig. With images like the snail... you can flip him around so there are two snails facing each other. These are just some simple techniques. There are so many things we can do with MDS. Which reminds me... it's time to go play around with MDS for a project I'm working. Have a great Tuesday ladies. I would love it if you would share with me some of your MDS creations. Please leave a comment with a link to your blog or gallery.

Happy Digital Crafting :)

(LOL... notice the MDS signature line above? Simple?... Yes. But quick and easy too.)

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