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Monday, May 21, 2012

Simple 8x8 Scrapbook Layout Using My Digital Studio

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Tomorrow is Tuesday, and as usual, I will be posting the new downloads for My Digital Studio. I decided to hop on MDS and see exactly what images I have and before I knew it I just threw together this 8x8 page layout. I have pictures scattered between computers and devices so I decided to just leave it without a pic since I couldn't find the pic I wanted easily. This took me no time to put together. It was super simple. Super easy. Just add a cute 4x6 photo and I'm done.

Now I'm off to see what else I can do. I think I want to do a boy page for my son James. Something with lots of color. Hopefully I will be able to share it with you tomorrow with the new downloads.


  1. Wow Angie this is great. And, to answer your question, I do my song & scripture layouts in MDS. You use it a lot also. I love it.

  2. Thanks Jonia and Tina! Your comments are appreciated :)

  3. Beautiful colors and design.

  4. I'm following your blog via Sherril's Online Support. Come on over and visit my blog soon:

  5. Very Crafty my little Blog Friend!! Way to go, I wouldnt even know WHERE to begin with MDS... Do you hold classes to teach new techies? :)

    Hope to see you around,

    Yours Truly
    Nikki S

    1. Thanks Nikki. I'm still pretty new so I'm trying to build up enough people to have a class. I was a hobby demo for a while. I do plan on doing classes though.